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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider


Architecture (25/3/24)

In DT, we designed and built a functional building, using columns as supports, inspired by our work on Ancient Greece.

World Book Day

We explored our chosen book, discovered ways to reuse & repurpose plastic, made a start on our vertical garden, played a game of bowling, learned about regeneration, read for pleasure and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while doing it. 

Paper Collages (29/2/24)

After starting our Mixed Media project earlier this week - doing quilling, marbling and origami - we continued by making paper collages. 

Expressive Portraits (1/2/24)

We worked with Mrs Ortton to create an expressive photograph, and then use this to paint a portrait in the style of the Expressionists.

Class Assembly (26/1/24)

On Friday, Sapphire Class awed parents, teachers and fellow students with a space-themed class assembly. They showcased their astronomical knowledge through engaging presentations, intertwined by harmonious singing performances. The highlight of the show was a stellar music video that came at the end, that was both educational and entertaining. 


Map Work (12/1/24)

Exploring grid references and contour lines in Geography. 


Santa Dash (14/12/23)

Amazing event, with children raising a total of £816.35. WOW!

Simple Pneumatic Machine (13/12/23)

Designing and making a simple pneumatic machine. 

Pneumatic Talking Box (11/12/23)

We have started our Moving Mechanisms DT topic. Our first task was to make a pneumatic talking box. 

Cosmic Disco (30/11/23)

In Guided Reading, we chose our favourite poems from Cosmic Disco by Grace Nichols and worked on performing them. 

Investigating Air Resistance (27/11/23)

For our Forces and Mechanisms topic, we have been investigating different forces. To test air resistance, we design, built and made a range of different parachutes. We altered the shape, size, materials and length of string, to find out what would make the best one. 

Art Club

Afterschool club in the Sapphire Classroom with children from KS2.

Mass and Weight (15/11/23)

Using forces meters to measure the mass (g) and weight (N) of classroom objects. 

Forces and Mechanisms (7/11/23)

This week we started a new Science unit on Forces and Mechanisms. Our first lesson was spent reflecting on our prior learning about contact and non-contact forces. We are really excited to explore this topic in more depth over this half-term.

Casting Techniques

In Art we have been learning about the incredible piece-mold casting technique used by the people of the Shang Dynasty. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be exploring some simple casting techniques, including paper, silicone and clay casting. 

Playing the Glockenspiel (19/10/23)

This morning, we have been practicing playing the glockenspiel with Mrs Ortton. We played the notes G and A to Mamma Mia by ABBA. 

Researching the Planets (18/10/23)

We have been researching the planets, and made double-page spreads sharing our knowledge. The children then had an opportunity to walk around the classroom and admire their classmates work.

Maths (4/10/23)

Incredible Maths works from both year groups this week. I have been so impressed with how they have all started the year in Maths. Photos of the Year 4s practicing Times Tables on TT Rockstars, and the Year 5s doing board work on column subtraction.

Tints, Tones and Shades (2/10/23)

Sketching and then painting landscapes using our knowledge of tints, tones and shades.


The year 4s have been loving their swimming lessons. 

Fruit Skewers (15/9/23)

A super fun Golden Time making fruit skewers with children from all classes. 

Celebration Assembly (15/9/23)

Stars of the Week, Golds and Birthday celebrations. 

The Earth, Sun and Moon (12/9/23)

For our wonderful new Science topic, we made a model that demonstrates the rotation and orbits of the Earth and the Moon.

Golden Time! (8/9/23)

Our first golden time of the year - playing outside and enjoying the end of summer sunshine. 


Sapphire Class Photo 23/24