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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider


White Hall Residential (9/5/22 - 11/5/22)

Year 5 had a fantastic three days at White Hall Outdoor Activity Centre, successfully completing a challenging outdoor course. Activities including rock climbing, a zip line, scrambling at the Roaches, a ropes course, canoeing and shelter building. Children also had to make their owns beds, set up the breakfast room and serve lunch and dinner. Throughout the duration of the course, we watched as the children developed their independence, perseverance and team-working abilities. It was a truly fun-packed and brilliant few days.


On the hike over to White Hall, we stumbled across a piece of cloth with the following message which I think really represents our trip to White Hall. I'll leave you with the quote here:


"You don't have to be fearless, being afraid and doing it anyway - that is brave."

How Does Blood Flow? (23/3/22)

Sapphire class worked with Mr Twelves to investigate the flow rate of blood. They started with learning about and looking at cross-sectional diagrams of the three main types of blood vessels before identifying similarities and differences and drawing diagrams of their own. Working in groups, children then used tubes to represent the body’s three main blood vessels: arteries, veins and capillaries. They inserted each tube into a hole near the base of a cup and sealed the edges. Children add a simulated ‘blood’ sample to the cups and timed how long it takes for the sample to flow through the tubes. They did the test and calculated the average flow time for each tube. Finally, children researched, planned and carried out a second investigation to see what effect diseases and lifestyle choices have on blood flow through vessels.

Heart Rate and Running Speed (15/3/22)

In Science, as part of our companion project about the circulatory system, we investigated the claim: 'People with lower resting heart rates can run faster than people with higher resting heart rates.' As part of our investigation, we calculated our resting heart rate by taking our pulse, and then ran a timed circuit of the playground. We then plotted our data onto a scatter graph and plotted a line of best fit. Our investigation found that those with lower resting heart rates did indeed run faster.

Making Bread (10/3/22)

As part of our companion project, Food for Life, about healthy eating, we have been comparing whole and processed foods. Today we baked our own bread using only 6 ingredients, we learned to knead and meaning of letting the bread prove. We compared our homemade rolls with a shop bought seeded loaf, and most preferred our homemade rolls. Such a fun day! 

Grid References (7/3/22)

In Geography, as part of our companion project, Our Changing World, we have been exploring maps analysing an area's geography on the map. During this lesson, we explored grid references, contour lines and map symbols to revise their knowledge of these features and encourage them to describe how they can help us locate and learn more about a place

Mrs Ward Retiring - Group Hug!

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