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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider

Design & Technology

At Bishop Pursglove, we want the children to be able to think creativity and imaginatively with their design and technology learning. We want them to design, make and evaluate their own work and think critically about the products they have created.  


We follow the National Curriculum which identifies and groups subject objectives for KS1 and KS2. The National Curriculum states that its purpose is ‘using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values’ and we strive to ensure that all children develop this core knowledge and understanding whilst at Bishop Pursglove.


Design and Technology is taught through a topic based approach and gives pupils a chance to explore a wide range of products and the opportunity to design and make products in a variety of contexts that link to learning across the curriculum. 

For more information on the National Curriculum for design and technology please follow the links below.



In DT, the children often work in a communal, social manner in group projects where discussions on preferences, compromises and sharing ideas are key. Working in groups allows children to learn from each other and to share ideas and feelings, and helps them to develop a respect for the abilities of other children and encourages collaboration. We also promote spiritual development by helping the community with our DT projects. Children also gain a strong sense of achievement through following a design through to a product, and having their ideas heard and valued.

In relation to children’s moral development, we do many upcycling projects and emphasise the importance of reusing materials. Design Technology supports our children’s cultural development work as they study various cultures and civilizations from around the world. This leads to a greater understanding of different ways of life and a respect for cultures that are very different from our own; how they can enrich our own lives. 


British Values


By connecting our British Values through the teaching of DT, we explore issues that affect us all in our lives and this helps inform decisions that will shape our future. An example is the right to have a different opinion and the need to respect the views and opinions of others when discussing different designs and creations.


Protected Characteristics


At Bishop Pursglove, we want to give our children an open, respectful and realistic mindset towards the wonderful world we live in and how this relates to design technology. We strive to expose them to a range of significant people from all different backgrounds related to the protected characteristics, and have planned for this in our varied curriculum. We will also look at how Design Technology has evolved to support people who are struggling with a variety of issues and how different products support people with their everyday lives. 


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