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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider



Reading is a high priority at BPS as it underpins progress in all subjects. We want children to develop a lifelong love of reading and to feel inspired by a range of texts and genres. Children bring home high quality reading books from the Big Cat scheme, with interesting, relevant content across a range of genres. These are matched to their ability and the content is appropriate to each child's level. As well as this, they have access to two school libraries.


In school, children are read to by their teachers and enjoy a wide range of texts through Class Novels and Guided Reading. The local community have been involved in the purchase of many of these books to try and provide windows into the experiences of others and mirrors to help children view themselves and their families in the books they are reading. We see books as a fantastic way to broaden horizons, and use them as a way to enrich discussions on equality, human rights, the environment, diversity, disability and other topics relevant to today's changing world.

Early Readers are pupils at the early stages of their journey in learning to read. Our Early Readers use phonic decoding as their reading approach, identifying the sounds in words and blending them to read the words. We track children’s progress in reading carefully and children of any age can be identified as Early Readers. Our Early Readers read books carefully matched to their phonics knowledge and are supported to rapidly gain the phonics knowledge and skills to become fluent independent readers.

Phonics is taught daily in Reception and Year 1, using 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised'. More information can be found on their 'For Parents' page, including useful videos on how to pronounce each sound, and ways you can help at home. 

Children cover a range of different genres for writing through our Cornerstones topics. Grammar and punctuation are matched by class teachers to the different genres and children are expected to showcase this learning in their independent writing. Children can achieve mastery of different genres by revisiting them over their time at BPS.


In Reception and Year 1, the spellings of common and exception words and phonics based spelling patterns are taught through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised. Spellings are taught using the Spelling Shed scheme from Years 2-6. Year 2 common exception words are taught in addition to the Spelling Shed lessons.


Spelling games are set through Spelling Shed to be practised as homework each week.