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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider


We had a fantastic time on our school trip at Longshaw!

"I liked it when we wrapped the papers around the cup. We took the cup out and filled the newspaper with soil and put some seeds in it to take home." Logan


I really enjoyed when I stuck flowers onto a piece of card and it looked really beautiful." Archie


"I liked it when we went into the woods and looked at the leaves. I found out how we can tell the age of a tree." Eban


"I liked it when we went into the forest and Eleanor taught us about different parts of the tree. We made our own trees on the ground and had to include roots, stems, leaves, branches. We put the name labels on the parts of the tree we had made on the floor to tell the different parts of the tree." Elsa


"I liked it when we all sat down together for lunch." Benji


"Exploring nature helps our spiritual core connect with the beauty of the world and beyond." James

"When we went to the fruit garden we all had to work in our teams to find different colour plants and we all had to work together." Holly

"I was happy when I was listening to Eleanor and when I grow up I want to be one of the teachers like that." Coban



We did a maths treasure hunt in the meadow.

If all the world were...

We enjoyed sharing this book for Guided Reading. It deals with the topic of childhood loss of a grandparent, grief and memories in a beautiful, powerful way. The children impressed me with their inference. They worked out that the grandad was unwell, and that the child knew about this. They knew that he had grown up in another country but didn't live there now. They also worked out that he knew he was going to die and left the girl a special present to help her with her grief.

The book talk around this story was deep and sometimes emotional. We made our own kaleidoscopes using mirrors and also thought about memories linked to our grandparents or significant family members.

All children were able to discuss their favourite part. One of our class chose the image of the empty chair from the book and expressed very openly how they were able to feel the same feelings the child felt in the story, even though it wasn't happening to them. Wow!


 "This book helped me to feel what it is like for people who have lost someone in their family." Destiny

"She had really good memories about what she did with her grandad. It makes me feel that I can do that with my Grandad." Noah

"I really liked this book because I have lost three of my grandparents and it makes me think of them. I remember them by photos." Lucy

We investigated leaf sizes. Plants in our school grounds had bigger leaves at the bottom because they were in the shade.

We investigated how plant stems work. The xylem turned blue after we put the celery in food colouring. Water travels through the xylem to the leaves and flowers.

We went outside to find clues about Emperor Nero and then used them to write biographies about him.

 "Running about helps our Spiritual Core because it is nice and fun." Destiny

"If you face challenges you do good writing and get stronger." Coban

"Running around is good for your body and you connect with beauty." James

"Emperor Nero was really mean to the citizens and the town. He designed a boat to sink so he could murder his mother. When she swam to shore his soldiers killed her." Tommy and Logan

"We can choose how we want to be because we have a unique Spiritual Core." Lily

We researched life in Roman times and made posters.

What do you think of our amazing automaton toys?

Experience Easter - we went to St John's to learn about the Easter story.

Parent's Evening

This week we were very excited to welcome parents in for parent's evening. Our children have achieved so much this year, and are constantly showing our school values of Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider.


 Each child wrote a letter for their parents, and the parents then wrote one in return. This had a profound effect on each child as they read their special messages. There was much joy and excitement as they shared their letters with their friends. Thank you to our grown ups for taking the time to build up your children's spiritual core with your words of encouragement and pride.

We have been learning about LS Lowry, in our 'People and Places' art topic. What do you think of our pictures?

We tried our hand at relief printing this week, making cards for a very special upcoming event.

Our art topic is 'ammonite.' We looked at different shading techniques and tried to include these in our sketches.

What do you think of our ammonite clay sculptures?

Lily says "Learning this topic helps us to think about ourselves because we had to think deeper to spot the patterns."

"I think it connects us to beauty because patterns are pretty, and I really like beautiful stuff." said Emily. 

Noah says "I found it hard to follow the patterns but I didn't give up. This tells me that I am resilient."


There are frogs in our pond! Today we watched the ripples and connected it to an earthquake's seismic wave!

 Sometimes it is important to stop and take time to notice the beauty around us.

In PE we have been learning about balance as part of our gymnastics unit.

Making symmetrical patterns with 3D shapes.

We listened to audio recordings of earthquakes and used these as inspiration for our own compositions, using graphic scores to record our ideas.

Graphic Scores.mp4

Still image for this video

 We discussed how music can be beautiful and that people are able to connect spiritually as they listen or play. Everybody enjoyed the lesson and Maddox said that he wanted to do music when he is older. We said that looking to the future is a way to connect to beyond today.

Today we tested the idea that bigger magnets are always stronger. Year 3 were the lead learners and had to use their skills of measuring in mm from their power maths!

 We talked about how carrying out investigations help us discover more about our spiritual core. Learning new things about the world connects us to things beyond ourselves. Working collaboratively develops our understanding of the needs of others.


"I wish we could do science like this every day!"


Are all metals magnetic? We conducted an investigation to find out!

Reading for Pleasure

 This week we have been using mindfulness as a way of developing our awareness of self. First we slowed our breathing, then we have focused on each of our senses before turning our awareness to our heartbeat. This has provided us with times of calm in a busy day.

We had a fantastic time for World Book Day!

 Our book for World Book Day was 'When I grow up' by Jon Hayles. It has helped us to be more self aware. We all have so many gifts and interests that we don't have to choose just one thing to be. 

We have been investigating forces using force meters.

This week we have been focusing on RE. Our big question was 'Why do people pray?'

As part of this we have learned about prayer practices in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.


We recognise the importance of space for stillness and peace for all people, regardless of their religious background. With this in mind we have created water lilies as a way for children to share the steps they have made in their spiritual development at home.

In ICT we have created databases about different volcanoes around the world. We chose different fields to create these charts:

It is children's mental health week. We have set goals for growth, worked outside and created some gratitude charts!

This week we have written and performed shape poems about an erupting volca