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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider


Stars and Values of the week/month/year for Sapphire!


Well what can I say The Whole of Sapphire Team has received these certificates for making me so VERY, VERY PROUD of all the hard work, achievements, fun and giggles we have shared in what ahs been the strangest and most demanding year in education!

A blessing to any teacher! Thank YOU ALL!!



Forest School flag making and popcorn..week 4!

Sports Day (without any pics of the much embarrassed non-space hopping teacher!!)

Forest School Denmakers extraordinaire! 24/6/21

Stars of the week


Erin for a superb piece of writing of her Viking Saga and generally being an excellent Team member! AMAZING!

Ari for super input into ALL our lessons and using such ambitious vocabulary and being positive! WOW!

Values of the week goes to Daisy for always giving 100% and for remembering to add a comma after a Fronted Adverbial (finally!) SUPERB!

Stars of the week

Star of the week goes to Kitty for 100% focus and for having excellent manners! AMAZING!

Star of the week goes to Madi for super focus and amazing DT skills in den building at Forest Schools...OUTSTANDING!

Values goes to James for working so very hard in all subject areas and always being an excellent role model! WOW!

Forest Schools week 2...learning the 'Recovery' position, den and bridge building as well as fun games this week!

Stars of the Week for Sapphire are:

Bethan for super focus (as always) in class and for developing super skills as a coaching partner

Penny for 100% focus and for developing super skills as a coaching partner

Values of the week goes to Ava for 100% effort and for being a kind and helpful friend for following our school motto values

Forest School 2 week 1

Forest schools 1

Stars/Values of the week 11/6


Star of the week goes to Eddie who has worked so hard this week in improving both his handwriting and in producing more, he produced an amazing competition entry! WOW!

Star of the week goes to Delphie for an outstanding entry into our Natural Curriculum competition as well as for her confidence in Forest Schools...AMAZING!

Values of the week goes to Nedd for caring so much about getting his work 100% correct which shows his dedication and focus...WOW!

Sapphire Stars - yes all of them...WOW!!!

Starry Starry Night images in the style of Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh

Thailand penpals - Mrs H had made contact with a class teacher from Thailand and a pupil, Louie had sent us an introductory letter. A number of the class replied and now we are to get more penpals which we can hopefully take into Y5/6! AMAZING!

David Attenborough replies!! A wonderful end to the term when we received a reply and autograph back from Mr A himself!! Writing letters for a purpose! WOW!

Stars and Values of the Week - Sapphire could I possibly pick just 1 person after the huge amount of learning, resilience and perseverance each member of Sapphire Class has shown so the whole class gets my certificates this week!

Well done to all of you!

Have a wonderful relaxing holiday and let's pray that the sun shines!

Mrs H

Lyric analysis and using our rhythm and beat to play in a round of Kookaburra!

Stars of the Week - Sapphire


Penny - for some super focus and fact sharing across all areas of learning...WOW!

Nedd - for excellent focus in class and for persevering with joined handwriting...AMAZING!

Values certificate goes to Delphie for quiet sustained concentration and neatness and interest in all areas of study...PHENOMENAL!

Stars of the Week Sapphire


This week the Values goes to Leah who has shown such maturity and self confidence in her speaking and writing...WOW!!

Star certificate goes to Erin for super achievement in Maths and for developing self confidence ...YAY!

Star certificate goes to Arthur for super effort and improvement in neat, joined handwriting and for 'having a go' without prompting at totally independent work...YIPPEE! 

Playlist....musical instrument/Science time!

Stars of the week for 7/5/21 go to:


Paulina for consistently working hard across all her subject areas...WOW!


James for aiming high in trying to use his neatest, joined handwriting plus for starting to learn to play the guitar! WOW!


Values this week goes to Daisy for always aiming high, concentrating and thinking deeply and for being such a super friend! WOW! 


Stars of the week go to:

Ava for a superb, positive attitude to work and play and for always reaching and aiming high and thinking deeply! WOW!

Ari for super deep thinking and sharing of ideas, always reaching high and thinking deeply. WOW!

Values certificate goes to Kitty for a superb attitude to learning across all areas plus beautiful, consistent, neat layout! AMAZING!


1066 Easter home learning enjoy!

Easter Home Learning = AMAZING! Here are some of our highlights plus our class display!

Sapphire Certificates w/e 23/4/21


Star certificates go to:


Bethan for superb maths work and challenges in our fraction work showing dogged determination! WOW!

Jack for a super return to learning-aiming high across all areas with such enthusiasm and manners! Well done!


Values certificate goes to Nedd for sharing a plethora of historical facts and showing he is determined in his learning across all areas! WOW!

Sapphire Newsletter for Summer 1 term

Easter egg competition and winners! It was so hard to choose...Mrs Ward had to ask Mrs Kilford and Mrs Jackson to help it was sooo close! Well done everyone!

Sapphire's healthy walk and picnic - we had a fab time, walked 6.5 miles and loved being together as a Team!

Easter card making for the isolated and lonely of the Parish of St.John's Tideswell

1066 Teamwork and prospective candidates for the King of England!

Comic Relief PJ day!

World Book Day

Board game planning and making plus other Free Screen Friday activities 5 & 12/2/21...Happy Half Term all!!

Obstacle course making - free screen Friday

Free screen Friday activities...sewing on a button, muffin making and meditation (not all at the same time!)

Snow PE!!

BBC Learning for home school 1/2/21