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Bishop Pursglove C of E Primary School

Reach Higher, Think Deeper, Love Wider


Music Performances (19/7/23)

As always, amazing end-of-year musical performances. Always a treat! 

Making Pulleys (12/7/23)

For our Tomb Builders project, we have been exploring simple machines, including making these pulleys. 

Experience Eucharist (6/7/23) 

Amazing morning at church doing a variety of activities learning about Eucharist. 

Statues, Statuettes and Figurines (4/7/23)

Our most recent art topic. Sapphire class have been learning about the 3-D representation of the human form, including statues, statuettes and figurines. They have studied examples from ancient civilisations, created figure drawings and used their clay skills to create a Sumer-style figurine. This links twinned with our main History topic - Ancient Civilisations. 

Forest School 

Year 4 have loved going to Forest School - shelter building, hanging out in the hammocks, playing in the stream and drinking hot cocoa.

Hollowford Residential (19/6/23 - 21/6/23)

Children in Year 5 and 6 had an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton this week. Under the supervision of trained instructors, the enthusiastic group embarked on an action-packed three days at the adventure centre. The children took part in a series of challenging activities that tested their physical and mental abilities, including an invigorating high ropes course, rock climbing, raft building, scrambling, a nature walk and canoeing. It was an unforgettable experience, igniting their sense of adventure, fostering teamwork, and promoting a deeper connection with nature.

Programming a Micro:bit (12/6/23)

Mr Twelves taught Sapphire children how to program a micro:bit. Children were allowed to play with the computers, programming all sorts of amazing displays, from scrolling words to a stick-man Ronaldo performing his famous celebration. 

Making Switches (5/6/23)

Working in teams to make homemade switches in Science.

The Story of Pentecost (23/5/23)

Beautiful artistic representations of the Story of Pentecost. 

Chess Club

After-school club hosted in the Sapphire Classroom with Mr Sheppeck. Children are developing their chess skills. 


Sapphire Class loved using Turtle Academy and coding geometric patterns. 

Visit from Reverend Simon (30/3/23)

During RE week, we had a wonderful visit from Reverend Simon who came to talk to Sapphire Class about how Christians remember, celebrate and serve on Maundy Thursday. 

Easter Egg Competition (30/3/23)

Amazing efforts from Sapphire Class - a few winners here! 

William Morris-inspired Fabric Sample (20/3/23)

Finishing off our DT topic making a fabric sample with a sewn hem, nature motifs and embellishments. Awesome work! 

Bankura Horse Sculptures (16/3/23)

Sapphire Class children made these wonderful sculptures over the past few days to finish off our awesome Animal art topic. Special thanks goes to Mrs Ortton for working with the children on this one, together they all did such a wonderful job.

Sewing & Embroidery (14/3/23)

For our Functional and Fancy Fabrics DT topic, we have been learning how to sew a hem and embroider using a variety of stitches. Next week, Sapphire Class will design and create our own fabric inspired by William Morris, who we have been learning lots about.

STEM Challenge (17/2/23)

Children from Sapphire Class and others were challenged with building a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows during Golden Time. 

The Adventures of Mini Sheppeck (Ongoing) 

Well, this has really taken off - expect a visit from Mini Sheppeck at some point his year... Let's see what he gets up to! 

To The Mountains (2/2/23)

Today we discussed some products that could be useful when heading into the hills and mountains - and had a go at building a tent.

Dear Earth (25/1/23)

We have been reading the book Dear Earth and created these visual letters whilst listening to the story. The children loved practicing their retrieval skills, whilst also creating a piece of artwork that demonstrates how beautiful our planet is, and our need to help protect it.

Colour Theory (24/1/23)

This week we have been improving our knowledge around colour theory. We used only primary colours to mix secondary and tertiary colours, matching them to those on a colour wheel. 

Chinese NY Golden Time (20/1/23)

For golden time, we followed a paper folding tutorial to make boats. We even tested them in the sink, and they floated!

Sapphire Class Assembly (20/1/23)

Incredible work from Sapphire Class performing our class assembly to the school and parents. 

Contour Lines (18/1/23)

As part of our brilliant new topic - Misty Mountain, Winding River - we pulled out some Lake District maps and used the contour lines to identify peaks. We made a note of their names, heights and grid references. 

Warp and Weft (21/12/22)

Sapphire Class have been learning to weave this week. We created our own looms using cardboard and then practiced weaving using warp and weft. The weaving industry in Anglo-Saxons and Viking England was huge, so this links to our main Invasion topic well.